Craig Lack, President of Catilize Health, describes himself as a catalyst, a futurist, an avid learner and a C-Suite motivator. He has paid off over $2.5 million of military Veterans’ medical debts as a way to provide meaningful value to those who serve the US. His BHAG is to save employees a billion dollars in out-of pocket expenses and he is well on his way. One of his favorite quotes comes from Jeff Bezos is “Your margin is my opportunity.” Craig takes this to heart as a model for how to represent CEOs and C-Suites across America. Most C-Suites are shocked to learn that their organizations are taking extraordinary unnecessary risk and, by exploiting unrecognized opportunities, Craig and his colleagues at Catilize Health spinoff risk and generate large increases in EBITDA and Enterprise Value.

Keynote topics: Recapture Lost Profits, Health Care, The Unrecognized Profit Lever

Audience:   C-Suites and PE Firms

Other: YouTube, Finance Monthly, CEO Today, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropy

Awards: Quilly Award® , Telly Award, Writer’s EXPY®, Speaker’s EXPY®

Company Website:

Keynote length: 45-90 minutes

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