Craig Lack, the creator of Performance Based Health Plans, will be featured in an Inc. Magazine spread entitled “The Next Big Thing” speaking about how Craig’s exclusive program, Performance Based Health Plans, is designing a business strategy around managing health care and building three year benefit strategies that reduce healthcare trend. Middle market companies around the country are looking for certainty and predictability to deal with the excessive trend increases they have suffered for nearly a decade. Craig Lack is the Founder and President of Employer’s National Expert Resource Group Inc., doing business as ENERGI and brings over 20 years of employee benefits insurance experience working with middle market companies nationwide. His experience includes well over a 1,000 group medical renewals that have generated millions of dollars in additional profits for clients. The purpose of ENERGI is to fundamentally change the perspective of the middle market on Health Care. Instead of viewing healthcare as a liability, where treatment costs have to be controlled, healthcare is redesigned and reframed as an asset where investment in employee health promotion is measured and managed. ENERGI has named its strategy Performance Based Health Plans. We are changing the narrative on how to manage healthcare. ENERGI creates EBITDA from health care by converting unmanaged liabilities into performing assets. The company’s focus is on providing companies a step-by-step road map on how to manage health care as an asset and deliver a lower trend. The exclusive program guarantees savings in advance for qualifying fully insured and self-funded middle market companies. Craig Lack earned his MBA and Bachelor’s degrees in Finance from Long Beach State University while playing basketball for Tex Winter. Married for over 27 years to his college sweetheart, Sandy, they have two sons, Ryan and Mark. He has served on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club and financially supports the Bike Foundation, the Eric Trump Foundation, Boy Scouts of America and the American Red Cross. He is currently sharing 38 THINK AND GROW RICH TODAY company profits in support of the Second Harvest Food Bank by feeding 10,000 meals to neighbors in Orange County, CA.